Shirley’s African Curios is a company based in “The Kingdom of the Zulu”, Kwazulu Natal in South Africa. We are committed to serve with excellence & specialise in Zulu Beadwork, both traditional & contemporary but also stock an ever expanding range of African Handcrafts such as African Musical Instruments, Traditional Cowhide Zulu shields, Spears, Knobkerries, Masks etc.


We stock:
Musical Instruments


Beadwork is an essential part of the Zulu culture and is still used today in certain ceremonies and rituals. The art of beading was passed down from generation to generation. Beads were treasured as decoration as well as a medium of exchange. Beadwork became a means to communicate especially since the Zulus had not yet had the opportunity to learn how to read & write.

Stock our Range

Are you a retailer? Do you own a shop or boutique? If you would like to add to your current range or introduce an African range of beaded jewellery and other african artifacts, please contact us. A special rate can be arranged for bulk purchases.

Community Commitment

We create employment for Zulu bead ladies in rural
areas and derive great satisfaction in the knowledge
that we are able to employ individuals who would
otherwise find it difficult to make a living.