About Us

Our Values

We supply many tourist & African curio stores in South Africa, and look forward to sharing the talent/bead art of the Zulu women with the international community.

Since the art of Zulu beadwork has been around for centuries & the fact that each item is handmade, owning an item of beadwork is perfect a memento of something unique to the Zulu Culture. Our vision is twofold:

  • To share these beautiful handcrafted items with the international community; and
  • More importantly to create employment for Zulu bead ladies in rural areas.

Community Commitment

We derive great satisfaction in the knowledge that we are able to employ individuals who would otherwise find it difficult to make a living.

We currently employ 40 to 50 highly talented bead ladies and for most of these women, beading is their sole source of income. Some of the geographical areas these women come from are Ndwedwe, Inanda, Hillcrest, Botha's Hill and Inchanga.